About Brent

A 1986 graduate of Carbondale Community High School, Brent Ritzel received his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Northwestern University in 1990, where he had the opportunity to both design and construct experimental apparatus for high-energy particle physics experiments at Fermilab, and study under renowned Wittgenstein student Dr. Stephen Toulmin. Brent returned to Carbondale in southern Illinois five years ago after having spent 20 years in Chicagoland (where he published Tail Spins & Zine Guide, in addition to having launched two cooperative independent record labels) and three years in Boulder, Colorado, where he owned a trading card company, a comedy club / cigar bar, and a mortgage brokership.

Brent is currently president of the Buckminster Fuller Future RSO that produces the annual Fuller Future Festival, while also being the former three-term president of the Fuller Dome non-profit, having co-written the organization’s winning $125K Save America’s Treasures Grant in support of preservation of the original Buckminster Fuller dome home in Carbondale.

In addition to holding a graduate assistantship in Political Papers at the Special Collections Research Center, Brent is a graduate student in the Master of Public Administration Program at SIU Carbondale, and is completing his master’s thesis A comprehensive model for evaluating/projecting costs of roadway damage caused by fracking industrialization. Brent is also an equity partner in an advanced renewable energy system company, Equitech International, LLC, for whom he writes scientific papers and comprehensive plans.

BrentRitzel (at) yahoo.com

CLICK HERE for Brent Ritzel's complete CV
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